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As a newbie, this info is really helpful for me. Thanks to you.

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May 17, I started doing offshore lab and took help from some friends in understanding few Active Directory concepts. I did many silly mistakes during the lab and learned a lot. Before wasting time any further let's dive into the review.

Just after this mail, I received an appreciation mail from the author Nikhil Mittal Course Instructor for writing a good report. I strongly recommend you to write a summary of the report on the first page containing your approach while pwning the machines.

Below is the mail which made my day. Although my report was short but it had all the information that was required. I strongly recommend you to write a detailed report if you have hacked less than 5 machines in the exam lab.

Pentester Academy Course Review - Attacking and Defending Active Directory

Tools that can help you during Lab or Exam. You are free to use any tools you want ; Just mention it in the report. I have learnt a lot from the course and recommend it to everyone who wants to brush up his skills in AD pentesting or someone who want to begin with AD pentesting. The course is beginner friendly and test your basic concepts in exam. A very good review was written by my friend Chirag Savla which can be found here.

Other reviews of active directory lab. Dennis May 18, at AM. Hexninja May 19, at PM.Red Team generally is different with Penetration Test, Red Team is very offensive and should be performed as stealthy as possible.

Readteaming is not determined by scope, but based on goals, such as compromise high-level e-mail or device, compromise Domain Controllers of an organization, and more. To be able to do that, the attacks should not meet any restrictions.

Redteaming should be done when an organization already has a very good security perimeter in securing their assets and have a team that monitors the attacks directly Blue Team.

Here Red Team will test the response of the Blue Team to minimize the security gap and provide recommendations for the Blue Team. Please note that this is not a matter of who wins and who loses, but it is done to make the organization have a better security perimeter.

Also, it will make the Blue Team works detecting real world attacks better. Pentester Academy provides three options to take this lab for 30 Days, 60 Days, or 90 Days including course material and VPN connections to their labs.

And after the lab ends, there will be a hour exam including sending a report. Students will be given remote desktop access to student machines that are connected to the Windows Active Directory with least privilege, and privilege escalation on student machine is part of challenge.

After you successfully escalate your privilege on your machine, you can upload malicious binaries or tools that you need to perform enumeration or attacking further. In this lab I learned a lot of new things, such as how-to Windows Kerberos works and utilizes misconfiguration to gain access to services, how to bypass whitelisted and constrained mode on PowerShell in an unusual way, exploiting misconfiguration of SQL Server and more.

The attack will all be done using PowerShell. There is a choice when working on this lab, the first given lab is set to the hard level, but student can ask to reduce the level of difficulty. During the experience, I choose hard level to give me more challenge and it should be fun. Thanks to this course and lab, I can now utilize and carry out attacks by only using PowerShell, netcat as listener, and some other binaries such as Mimikatz and Kekeo. No Metasploit, Empire, Cobaltstrike or another C2 needed.

Students are also required to submit as many flags as possible. Flags that must be obtained are 60 flags in total. The exam lab has 8 servers which are spread across forests. It must be done in 48 hours include building the reports. You must manage your time very well! If you can compromised more than 3 boxes you can send a report with average quality.Most enterprise networks today are managed using Windows Active Directory and it is imperative for a security professional to understand the threats to the Windows infrastructure.

Our Windows Red Team Lab is designed to provide a platform for security professionals to understand, analyze and practice threats and attacks against a modern Windows network infrastructure.

Our Red Teaming Exercises simulate real world attack-defense scenarios and require you to start with a non-admin user account in the domain and work your way up to enterprise admin of multiple forests.

The focus is on exploiting the variety of overlooked domain features and not just software vulnerabilities. Every lab task is comprised of multiple challenges like active directory enumeration, local and forest privilege escalation, network pivoting, application whitelisting bypass, active user simulation, Kerberos delegation issues, SQL Servers, forest trusts and more!

Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned red teamer, or a veteran blue teamer, the lab has something for everyone! All students will be provided with 3. This will be cover important concepts required to begin with the lab.

Understand concepts of well known Windows and Active Directory attacks. Execute and visualize the attack path used by the modern adversaries. Learn to use Windows as an attack platform and using trusted features of the OS like PowerShell and others for attacks. Try scripts, tools and new attacks in a fully functional AD environment.

Ability to think like an adversary and inclination towards abusing features of AD rather than exploits. The Windows Red Team Lab like other challenging certifications requires you to learn by exploring. We expect the rest to be researched as the student encounters a roadblock. We are confident if you take up this challenge and complete it, you will have the same know-how in Windows domain red teaming as some of the top professionals in the field.

Section Objective: You will need to abuse nested impersonations to escalate privileges on the application level. After executing code on the operating system, escalate privileges on the OS level and capture flags.

Hunt for active directory write or modify permissions, abuse the permissions and extract password in clear text for a user.

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You may also like to find some flags in the process.Post a Comment. Active Directory Labs Journey. Students will be provided access to the student machine Windows 10 with low privilege user in the Active Directory. The machine is connected to the Active Directory and has antivirus running.

Review of Pentester Academy - Attacking and Defending Active Directory

Students are tasked to escalate the privilege on the student machine to gain admin privilege and disable the antivirus to load the tools which will help them to progress through the course and lab.

It is not possible to connect to the student machine apart from RDP. The course video allows students to go through the videos and then solve the tasks mentioned in the end of the video and get hands on understanding in the lab. The course helped me learn many new concepts and cleared lot of my concepts regarding windows AD environment. The lab is designed to make student aware of the windows misconfigurations and finding ways in which an enterprise network can be compromised.

The lab does not make use of any known exploits and does not encourage use of exploitation techniques to progress through the course. The course has 23 learning objectives as we progress through the course, including multiple tasks in each objective. The course is very informative and the best place to start for any beginner or a red teamer, to get a good understanding of various attack vectors which can be leverage to compromise an enterprise.

After clearing the exam a lot of my friends asked me how I approached the lab as few have enrolledor how can they do it once they enroll. No comments:. Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Lab Network. Image Credits: pentesteracademy.The main objective of the course is to provide a high quality learning platform for security professionals to understand, analyze and practice threats and attacks in a modern Active Directory environment.

The course author is Nikhil Mittal who is a seasoned AD penetration tester and researcher. I love doing training that requires I keep my hands-on technical skills sharp. The low cost of the labs compared to the value returned and discount offered also motivated me to sign up. The course is available for 30, 60 and 90 days — I chose This enabled me to just take my time studying the course content in the evening after work.

Once I applied for registration I had the option of either starting immediately or within 90 days. I chose to start a few weeks later. On my course start date I received links to download the course material and vpn connection details. I was also provided with a dedicated windows virtual machine. I was already well versed in the two topics above so I had no problems signing up. However if you feel like you need some experience what I can recommend is setting up an AD lab and practicing some attacks on your own.

Those two blogs are the ones that I used the most in the Labs. I learnt from taking OSCP that taking clear, thorough and reproducible notes are a key to success.

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The course content is a lot of material and I was glad I had all my notes handy and in an easily searchable format. I used CherryTree with four backups, synced the files with Dropbox and also saved them to an external hard disk. I used to back up after every learning session was done each night. This proved to be invaluable when documenting and writing my final exam report.

There are three components to the course. The learning material which includes several hours of videos and accompanying PDFs is the first.

Pentester Academy Course Review - Attacking and Defending Active Directory

My approach was to go chapter by chapter watching the videos along with the course PDF guide. I personally consider the course content to be of very high quality. The second is performing the related learning tasks in the Lab to let the material sink in.

I could tell the author spent countless hours designing and developing the course content to go hand in hand with the Labs. The content covers ten subjects followed by 23 learning objectives. The content is well thought out and structured. This enabled me to easily follow, understand and recreate attack steps in every attack covered.

The ten subjects are:. After I managed to go through the course material several times, I felt confident enough to sign up for the exam. The exam is 24 hours in a separate AD forest. The goal of the exam is to gain command execution on target systems with any privilege.All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Sign In or Register. Sign In Register. August edited August in Other Security Certifications. I briefly wanted to give a quick update and very small review of my experience with Pentester Academy's " Active Directory Lab " course and the " Certified Red Team Professional " exam. Active Directory Lab:. Course starts off by guiding you through the basics of powershell, but not much time is wasted here. Before attempting this course you should know the basics of powershell and active directory.

You will enter into heavy domain enumeration which is key to passing any testlocal privilege escalation pentester hat goes heredomain privilege escalation red team hat goes heredomain persistence and dominance ah this is what red team is likecross trust attacks I feel legendary nowforest persistence and dominance can anyone stop me? Each red team killchain requires its own tools, yes these tools overlap from time to time, but is a needed methodology standard to follow.

I was able to get through all the course videos and lab work within 2 and a half weeks. The videos were clear and concise.

I did NOT have any hard time understanding the concepts or what is being taught. Support was very fast in responding to any questions or VM resets I had. By week three and four of my lab time I had gone through all the concepts and lab practice for the second time. I was now ready to take the exam. Exam Certified Red Team Professional:.

Took the exam which was a 24 hr exam and failed.

pentester academy active directory lab review

I was only able to get a local privilege escalation to the VM host you are given. I wasn't able to even lateral move or get to own any other host. I was stumped and unmotivated at certain points. I guess it wasn't my day and wasn't in the right spirits. You are given VPN access to a VM that is joined to a domain, all infrastructure is fully patched windows 10 and windows server domain features.

There are NO software exploits here. This is similar to the lab, but not the same environment obviously. I took the week off to rest and was now left with 24 days of lab time.

I studied and labbed all the concepts once again but this time paid more attention to the bloodhound results I worked on. I spent 3 weeks going over bloodhound and the data I had. I found many hints and possible clue that would lead me somewhere. I honestly could say I was thinking differently now.

pentester academy active directory lab review

I took the test a second time and my time spent on bloodhound paid off.The importance of Active Directory in an enterprise cannot be stressed enough. Still, when it comes to AD security, there is a large gap of knowledge which security professionals and administrators struggle to fill. Over the years, we have taught numerous professionals in real world trainings on AD security and always found that there is a lack of quality material and specially, dearth of practice lab where one can practice AD attacks in a controlled environment.

Attacking and Defending Active Directory Lab is designed to provide a platform for security professionals to understand, analyze and practice threats and attacks in a modern Active Directory environment.

The lab is beginner friendly and comes with a complete video course and lab manual. The course and the lab are based on our years of experience of making and breaking Windows and AD environments and teaching security professionals. The lab is tightly integrated with the course and is designed as a practice lab rather than a challenge lab.

We cover topics like AD enumeration, trusts mapping, domain privilege escalation, domain persistence, Kerberos based attacks Golden ticket, Silver ticket and moreACL issues, SQL server trusts, Defenses and bypasses of defenses. Whether you are a beginner, a red teamer or penetration tester or a blue teamer, the course and the lab has something for everyone!

The Certified Red Team Professional is a completely hands-on certification. To be certified, a student must solve practical and realistic challenges in our fully patched Windows infrastructure labs containing multiple Windows domains and forests.

The certification challenges a student to compromise Active Directory by abusing features and functionalities without relying on patchable exploits.

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Students will have 24 hours for the hands-on certification exam. A certification holder has the skills to understand and assess security of an Active Directory environment.

A certificate holder has demonstrated the understanding of AD security. She can identify and enumerate interesting information and execute variety of attack techniques like local and domain privilege escalation, persistence, trust abuse and antivirus evasion with minimal chances of detection. Nikhil Mittal is a hacker, infosec researcher, speaker and enthusiast.

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His area of interest includes red teaming, active directory security, attack research, defense strategies and post exploitation research. He specializes in assessing security risks at secure environments that require novel attack vectors and "out of the box" approaches. He has worked extensively on Active Directory attacks and bypassing detection mechanisms and Offensive PowerShell for red teaming. He is creator of Kautilya, a toolkit that makes it easy to use HIDs in penetration tests and Nishang, a post exploitation framework in PowerShell.

In his spare time, Nikhil researches new attack methodologies and updates his tools and frameworks. PowerShell for Practical Purple Teaming x33fcon Pentester Academy Courses and Online Labs. Follow SecurityTube.

Attacking and Defending Active Directory: Course Introduction

Stay safe and happy learning! Active Directory Lab What will you learn?

pentester academy active directory lab review

Multiple domains and forests to understand and practice cross trust attacks. Learn and understand concepts of well-known Windows and Active Directory attacks.

Learn to use Windows as an attack platform and using trusted features of the OS like PowerShell and others for attacks. Try scripts, tools and new attacks in a fully functional AD environment. The following are the prerequisites for the lab: Basic understanding of Active Directory Ability to use command line tools on Windows Lab includes access to our Attacking and Defending Active Directory course 14 Hours of HD Content This Lab like other challenging certifications requires you to learn by exploring.

We expect the rest to be researched as the student encounters a roadblock.

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